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Quicksand is a multi-disciplinary design-led business consultancy that helps organizations from diverse contexts make better sense of their innovation efforts. In existence since 2004, Quicksand has studios in New Delhi and Bangalore. The studio in Bangalore is focussed on 'Design for Social Impact' and is looking to work in the domains of education, technology, research, healthcare and community-related projects.

B.L.O.T :: Basic Love Of Things
BLOT or the Basic Love Of Things is the independent studio of Quicksand since 2007, and presently functions as a multimedia performance ensemble and as an independent photography agency. Widely acclaimed in the media as representing the new face of Indian creative practice, BLOT is presently working on electronic music production, experimental films and video installations, fashion, photojournalism and books.

Codesign is a specialized graphic and interaction design studio based out of New Delhi. Since 2004, Codesign has worked on projects that bridge a professional graphic design practice with technology for communication, retail and brands. Codesign is also publishing in 2009 what will be the first serious graphic design publication in India. Codesign is also involved in design education, having forumlated and taught courses in Denmark and India.

BOX Design + Research
BOX is a new entity that exists at the intersection of Quicksand and Codesign. BOX helps companies focus their efforts on design research and its implications for user-centred innovation. Starting end 2008, both studios will co-locate themselves to Gurgaon, near New Delhi.

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